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Mod Gambit

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The purpose of this thread is to discuss the latest game update newspost which can be found here.
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Previously people brought in water strikes to douse fires by clicking on fires at Olm.
With current update, if we bring in Humidify spell (and no buckets etc in inventory) - does the fire get doused also with just left clicking on fire wall without running there?

14-Feb-2019 13:24:48

Solo Fallus
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Solo Fallus

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Can we potentially get/poll an update to Konar's assignment list to include Demonic Gorillas at the same weight as Black Demons? Also, though less expecting this, could Black Dragons in the Wilderness be an option?

14-Feb-2019 13:44:17

Hasashi Haze
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Hasashi Haze

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I like the range cape idea but its kinda of a waste. The cape should get the stats of the assembler, instead of having to max just to wear it as a cape, range cape should have those stats Haze

14-Feb-2019 14:49:55

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