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This thread is to discuss the last week of QoL Month: Miscellaneous - the poll blog for which can be found here.
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Matty Lavis
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Matty Lavis

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I am really disappointed that you believe another NPC needs to be added to the game, especially the desert, standing next to an unnatural "sand hopper" please, for the love of all that is good and natural, continue with the original idea.

If the issue therein is the ability to abuse the materials/exp gained for casting, prevent it.

Prevent abuse by only allowing a maximum of 3 giant seaweed and 1 10kg block to make on average 28.8 molten glass per cast, if more base material is present in the inventory, unnoted, when cast, it should be destroyed, providing no experience, or molten glass as it *(was ruined in the process due to the nature of the spell, only a certain threshold can be utilized before spoiling excess material) preventing massive xp chunks for simply just casting the spell and having no care for the molten glass the materials produce.

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Lego Miester

Lego Miester

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Why does the sand thing have to be 50gp? Taking into account the bucket that's, what, 10gp profit for each? Just make it free.

Plus people have pointed out the silliness of a sand-making machine in the middle of the desert. Wasn't the original, successful poll to just let players use sandstone in place of sand? What's the problem with that? You could just make the NPC a paid deposit box in that case. Whatever would make sandstone profitable to sell to glassmakers without making it OP.
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I am amazed at how inelegant the proposed sandstone rework is. The original idea was better. Stupidly overpowered, but much better. Is there no way of nerfing it then implementing it (example: increasing the mining xp got per chunk of sandstone and lowering the rate at which you mine it)?

Now, I love how silly Runescape is sometimes. There is, however, a clear difference between unexpected, "runescapey" silliness (the al-kharid tooth grip immediately comes to mind) and forced silliness that is only in the game because you couldn't think of anything better. The first kind is clever and amusing, the second just makes us sad.

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