Crystal Armour Balancing

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In the revised version of the first Song of the Elves blog, we pitched Crystal Armour - the new set to be awarded as a potential drop from the Gauntlet PvM challenge in Prifddinas. Check out the poll blog here to see the originally proposed design.

Following feedback, this was excluded from the first poll so more time could be spent balancing the stats and set effect. If you have an opinion on what the stats and set effect (if any) should be, let us know down below! Alternatively, you can email your thoughts to - make sure to have "Crystal Armour" as the subject.

The finalised version of the design will be described in the next Song of the Elves poll blog and polled alongside the additional quest rewards and extra features in Prifddinas.

Mod Gambit

05-Mar-2019 09:33:37

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