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This thread is to discuss the latest game update newspost which can be found here.
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You lot at Jagex should be on food stamps for the piss-poor updates that you deliver. MP1 ... ?
Cancer Cure Hits the Market! Car-T Cells Youtube.
120 day life cycle of Cancer cells?

14-Mar-2019 11:06:53

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who exactly came up with the idea to remove the direct link to the forum thread pertaining to the days update and force players to search the forums to find it. then come to find this generic post relating to it? is this for real?

14-Mar-2019 11:34:57

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So here is the problem i have from todays update. Sandstone costing 50gp each to make a bucket. Like i get that its a lot of buckets an hour. But i can get a lot of buckets an hour buying them from charters for 5gp each on corsair cove. Like this was designed as a gp sink it what im thinking. And a not very good one at that.
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14-Mar-2019 23:59:00

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