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Wow the seed vault UI looks amazing, it's simple, organized, clean and fits with the rest of the game ui

now i can't wait to return playing once i have more free time

31-Mar-2019 21:13:33

NZ Sheeps
Dec Member 2018

NZ Sheeps

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I love the seed vault (pity it wasn't modelled after The Svalbard Global Seed Vault).

The only addition that I would like to see is a trash slot (similar in function to the favourites slot) for seeds you don't want in the main areas.

01-Apr-2019 11:03:26

Love My Man
Jul Member 2006

Love My Man

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The seed vault is AMAZING!!!!!
It has saved so much bank space and organized the seeds.

It would be better if it were within click range of the bank as running back and forth is a bit annoying for those of us that keep forgetting things lol.

It would also be lovely if we could access the vault from any bank or farm location.

Either way, I Love it!!!

Thanks ~ Love

02-Apr-2019 17:00:43

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