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38 Capes

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You mentioned ruined pures in this post again telling us to put in a support ticket... I have had my support ticket in for over a week and a half after being missed in the first round of pure fixes. Is there any way to verify that my account will be looked at? I am fine waiting, but I want to know that I am not waiting in vein when I could start the grind over again instead.

04-Apr-2019 15:12:26

7th Reign
Aug Member 2017

7th Reign

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please add color kits for climb boots for new treasure trails

we need things that people will actually wesr outside of fashionscape

gilded shortbows would be nice

update to chaps (t) would be nice since they look same as normal chaps

granite weapons also

04-Apr-2019 17:54:01

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