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This thread is for discussing the latest game update newspost which you can find here.
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Hi, thanks for the release of the dungeon very excited to try out the new spider boss.

In regards to the splashing problem, do you not think it would be better suited to completely remove exp gain from unsuccessful spells or make it low enough that it’s not worth anyone’s time? There aren’t any other method of training on OSRS that relies on unsuccessful spells. Just a thought, I think it would help combat the problem once and for all.

Thank you. :)

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Since they didn't know if it would during the livestream, hopefully the dungeon will allow the cannon to be used, otherwise I won't be able to use the dungeon on my 10hp account lol



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Regarding the change to Splashing in Lumbridge, I think it would be a good idea to expand the no-splash area to include the chicken and cow pens just north of Lumbridge as well. Since these are common training spots for new players.

As for the Construction icon, the green pixel was not there in the original 2007. So therefore there should have been a poll to add the green pixel. Saying "the poll to remove it failed" does not justify it since it wasn't part of OldSchool form the beginning. The way it was polled required 75% of the community to be against the green pixel whereas if adding the green pixel was polled it would only require 25% of the community to be against it.

This is a rather trivial issue and I doubt it actually bothers anyone, but the principle remains the same. Phrasing poll questions in reverse is not acceptable.
Say Warding is polled. Assume 60% for and 40% against Warding.
Say the poll asks if Warding should be added to the game: 60% yes -> poll fails and Warding is not added.
Say Warding is added without a poll and then polled to be removed: 40% vote to remove -> poll fails and Warding is stuck in the game.

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Thank you for not adding forthos dungeon tasks to konar - it would have been very annoying since apparently cannon can't be placed in there haha.

Just realized you guys striked it from the original blog too

Also for splashing the only change I would make is allow members to splash in lumbridge but not f2p, as new players usually don't buy members until after they've tried the game. I only suggest this because lumbridge is probably the only place I see people splashing at and finding other places might be a bit hard for people that splashing is good for.

04-Jul-2019 17:25:49

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