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I think this is a step in the good direction.

I can definitly appreciate that Jagex cares about account security, in my experience much more so than the other games I've played over the years.

I'm of the mind that password complexity needs to increase sometime as well, as any increase beyond 20 alphanumericals is a significant increase in possibilities.


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I love the fact that something is being done about account security.

My only concern is that for many people that have accounts that are 10,15 ect years old may have made them at much younger ages using recovery details and creation details that are long forgotten.

As stated in the news post if in the event both authenticator and backup codes are lost then very high quality of information will be required. This is something that for this account I would be confident giving however my original account from many years ago, not so much.

My solution to this would be allowing players to store information against their accounts in the form of passport info, driving licence info, or any other secure photo id that would provide conclusive proof that you are who you say you are in event of recovery being necessary.

Obviously this would come with legal hurdles of how your store this data but I think it would be a really good option for those out there like myself that may have doubts come the time they ever need to use account recovery.


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While all of this is well and good, what I am especially concerned about is false perm bans that I'm sure have been raised before.

As some very prominent streamers have discovered for themselves, false positives are a very real thing, even when done through manual means. How can the community be reassured, that these perm bans handed out to regular players are genuine.

My fear is that after investing so much time on my accounts, that someone from jagex might determine my account(s) to qualify for a perm ban without any recourse for the player to appeal, unless ofc they are a high level streamer. How is this being addressed?

I had an account I made a while ago, on which I was afk training range through cannoning. Due to afking for long hours (usually while studying), my account was perm banned for macroing, even tho I have 4 accounts and have never botted on any of my accounts since I started playing through miniclip in 05. What can someone like me, who does not stream or is a famous content creator do to have my false ban looked into.

This is beyond ridiculous

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I understand this. I am disabled and have a lot of time on my hands. I've had one account blocked. I quit one account, that was well advanced and I put a lot of money into, when Jagex decided to force a strange combat style on everyone. That was years ago.

Now, I have opened a new account and really don't like the push for this authentication. I don't like the bank pin idea, either. It's just more buttons to push and more information. It's like they're phishing.

There should be an opt out for these security schemes. Play at your own risk, I suppose.

I believe most problems occur when people run bots or give their login information to others. I have played for many years without any problems. Notably, I do not give out my login info and no one else uses my computer. No problems!

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