Paying Farmers & Alchemy

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Paying Farmers & Alchemy

This week we have several quality of life updates to help you out with your everyday 'scaping.

Right-click pay farmers

While the farmers at farming areas can be useful for chopping down your trees or protecting your crops they can often be a bit too talkative. In order to ease the process of paying farmers a right-click option to pay them has been added allowing you to skip any dialogue and get straight back to your farming run.

Alchemy warnings

Most of us have been victims of miss-clicking a precious item when casting an alchemy spell and having to watch it turn into a measly pile of coins. In order to prevent this type of mishap we have added a warning on items with a high alchemy value of 30,000 coins or more.

This warning can be turned on and off by right-clicking the alchemy spells in your spell book.

Equipment screen additions

The equipment screen received a few new stats to help you figure out exactly what it is your equipment is doing for you. The equipment screen will now include the following:
  • Ranged strength bonus
  • Magic damage multiplier
  • Undead-specific multiplier
  • Slayer-specific multiplier

Skilling Arena hunter changes

The Skilling Arena has now been prepared for the Hunter event next Saturday. Clans taking part will get to see the arena absolutely crammed with the explosive little creatures, it really is a skiller's dream.

In other news...

  • Taking 5 from Castle Wars tables will now fill any remaining inventory spaces if you have less than 5.
  • Audio for chopping trees is now played when woodcutting as a monkey.
  • The alchemy value of the books of war, darkness and law are now consistent with other prayer books.
  • Potions shared with Lunar spells now consume the potion much more reliably.

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