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Mod Ash

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Poll's up - you can go vote now.

We changed some of the questions slightly based on what we've seen on this thread, and elsewhere. For example, if you vote in the Menagerie room, we'll increase the room allowance by 1 for players of all levels.

Most significantly, the pestle & mortar question now works like POH altars, or filling vials at a water source. So if you grind one bird nest (or chocolate bar, or horn, or anything else) the game will look for matching items in your inventory and automatically grind them, one by one. This won't make skilling any quicker; a player who's clicking manually will still be able to go a little faster.

Regarding the graceful outfit's set bonus, if 30% is too high to get enough support to pass, we can totally offer it again with a lower amount. For now, the penance gloves and other lightness items will retain their best-in-slot status for weight reduction.

If in-game polls pass, I'll try not to make them too spammy on login.

menacemenace said:
WOW, it appears the 25 pages of feedback on this thread went unnoticed and absolutely nothing was changed to the original poll dev-blog on friday...

Of course we read the feedback and adjust poll questions accordingly. We don't necessarily delve into the thread to shout about it all the time though.

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