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Mod Pips said:

Hi Tyria Mine, I'm sorry you view it this way, but I think you've misunderstood the poll levels. We said that at 250k votes there would be "basic" maintenance from a "small team". At 500k votes this would upgrade to "weekly" level of maintenance from additional developers. You can see this on the poll page or the old school wiki.

We've worked hard to be open and clear about the poll and about the Old School service, so it's unfortunate if that hasn't come across in this case.

So, you seem pretty clear that those polls should NOT have ever happened (that poll page makes it clear that 750K votes were required for polls).

We should be getting.. by your own admission here.. nothing more than "weekly level of maintenance from additional developers".

So.. why not actually provide what the votes supported... in even one world

"We said that at 250k votes there would be "basic" maintenance from a "small team"."

A single world, as it was on launch day.. with NO UPDATES and NO POLLS. Precisely what you admit to having offered for peeps to vote on.
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22-Jan-2018 03:32:14

Librarian 42

Librarian 42

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just some thoughts

before Angels last post

there were 195 individual users posting (not including Yellow Mods)

Of those 121 are no longer paying members

that's a loss of 62%

are there any threads on the forums that give a split on how many current members there are showing the split between p2p and f2p?

I presume that the haemorrhage of paying members has been made up by free to play as much as pay to play keeping the overall numbers high.

It would be interesting to have official jagex data on player numbers say from June 2013 (the last post before Angels) when everyone had to be a member

and now, to see how the split is and whether the paying membership is just as high.

Oh and the main concerns (as I've noticed whilst skipping over the posts)

Ban Gambling and
No G.E.
and Unids seemed to be a good idea.

how the membership has changed.
thinks Jagex should honour the results of the original Old School Poll

22-Jan-2018 10:59:08

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