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Ice Mage
Aug Member 2008

Ice Mage

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Because the thing you lack when you're looking back is the pressure, the feel that you have to act
Yeah everything is clearer when you're looking at the past
-Streetlight Manifesto

20-Jun-2015 22:32:06

Eagle Eye
Apr Member 2015

Eagle Eye

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Drunk Warrer said:
OSRS needs a new skill, there needs to be content to differentiate OSRS and RS3, Zeah is all good and everything but a skill is a lot more significant.

I agree strongly with what you just said :)

12-Nov-2015 17:20:34

St Christoff

St Christoff

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I like the concept of getting tasks to train skills
I like being able to hold the tools , spade etc , I mean you can wield axe and picks so why not
Some of the stuff I cant see the point to.
Like the idea of making cosmetic clothing , hopefully would be able to dye it too.
I dont think it should be made a skill in itself.
I will be voting yes on some of the secondarys but no to the skill itself.
Oh BTW I suggest you read the blog better.
As it says ::
Esoteric no longer provides a +3 runecrafting bonus. Now, when wearing the hat, top and legs your runecrafting pouches will not degrade. The boots have been removed and the levels required adjusted.

Esoteric NO LONGER provides +3 , hope you peeps dont feel too foolish bout that one lol
(If anyone has already mentioned this , sorry , got to page 32 and couldnt be bothered after that :P

17-Nov-2015 16:54:25

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