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An Pro said:
You should make it so the godwars boss pets can fight eachother in the arena. Just the exact same stats and level and moves as the actual general, but watching a monster vs monster fight in mini form.

I don't really approve of people forcing pets to fight each other for entertainment. Sorry.

Tblade said:
When will trading post be worked on or released. I'm really curious.

Before Mod Reach & I can develop the in-game stuff for that, we need the engine team to create the underlying infrastructure. They haven't been able to give a schedule for that yet; it's near the top of their priority list, but there are other things they have to do too. I believe the recent display name releases have been getting in the way, for a start.

EF Monke said:
Any estimations on ETA of either achievement diaries or corp beast?

There are quite a lot of big updates we'd like to do, along with the usual quality-of-life updates. Achievement diaries, a big Construction update, another big Slayer update, Mod Reach's continent, team raids, solo bosses, etc. So we're going to run another priority survey in the coming weeks, like the one we did earlier this year, to find out what order people want us to do these things.

28-Aug-2014 11:56:19

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