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Developer Blog:
Priority Poll 3

Back in March we ran a poll to ask you what you think our priorities should be for Old School. At this point we have delivered a large majority of the content that was voted as a priority and the content that hasn't been delivered is well on the way.

We feel that another poll to see what the players want to see the most would be a great way to help decide what content we get to work on next. This developer blog will go over some of the options that we will include in the priority poll.

As always, we are looking for your feedback on the contents of the poll. If anything that you would like to appear in the poll is not here, let us know and if the demand is there it may end up being added.


These are the options that will be available in the poll.

  • A new quest
  • Achievement diaries
  • Raid dungeon
  • Raid boss
  • Solo boss
  • Continent
  • New skill
  • Quality of life
  • Slayer update
  • Construction update
  • Firemaking update

The following updates are not going to be on the priority poll as they are already in the works. These updates are what currently top our priority list and they will likely stay there until released.

  • Trading post
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Corporeal Beast

A new quest

Since the release of Old School there have not been any new quest releases. On the last priority poll that we ran the option for a new quest was one of the least popular, however now that a lot of the other content from the poll has been introduced and a fair amount of time has passed we felt that it would be worth seeing if the players feel that Old School is ready for a new quest.

Achievement diaries

Achievement diaries are something that we have talked about for quite some time. Many other projects have taken priority over achievement diaries but the players that were asking for them never stopped doing so. We want to find out where achievement diaries stand in terms of priority for the players.


The continent is something that we have been talking about in a fairly vague manner for quite some time. Progress has certainly been made, but in order to dedicate the kind of work required to make something the size of a continent come to life we need to know that it is something that the players are dying to see.

In the past, players have shown a huge amount of enthusiasm whenever the continent comes up. We will have to wait and see if this is reflected in the priority poll.

Construction update

Construction is a part of Old School that has gone largely untouched. The skill is one that many players love and has a huge amount of potential for additional content. We would love to see something happen with construction and, as such, where it comes in the priority poll will let us know whether we should get to work sooner rather than later.

Firemaking update

Firemaking is a skill that many players would like to see a use for. Currently, burning logs is about all that firemaking is good for... And burning logs is not good for much. Players have been asking about some potential high-level, useful content to be added in with firemaking and we want to find out where this comes in this list in terms of priority.

Slayer update

Since the last slayer update there have been a lot of incredibly good suggestions for updates to the skill. Instead of releasing them one at a time, we have been taking note and have been planning on doing another big update to slayer. When this update should take place is up to you and how you vote on the priority poll.

Everything else

The other options that we have available in the priority poll are far from solid ideas at this point, they are completely open to the wild and marvelous suggestions from you, the Old School players. They are general ideas that have been quite popular with the players and we would like to know which ones are worth pursuing first.

Mods Alfred, Ash, John C, Mat K, Reach, Ronan & Weath
The Old School Team


29-Aug-2014 12:00:19

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All the options look great, although I think slayer has been given enough love for now :/
For the new skill, skill updates, bosses etc, would these be done through the Player-Designed Content format?

Edit: What about the rest of the 07 content that hasn't been released yet? (2 Quests and the ZMI altar)

29-Aug-2014 12:09:45 - Last edited on 29-Aug-2014 12:17:48 by Yhabby

Sep Member 2009


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Nice! looking forward to continent and a new quest! *crossing fingers*
What is up with "New Skill"? I am pretty sure the "New skill" was artisan which failed, i highly doubt another skill will pass...

However would i like summoning back, but i guess alot don't.

29-Aug-2014 12:12:11 - Last edited on 29-Aug-2014 12:15:57 by Kim

Feb Member 2019


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Interested to see what comes out on top this time around

Edit: I'd also agree with Hello Friend that Slayer has had alot of attention in recent times, and I'd like to see more skill-focused updates.

29-Aug-2014 12:17:13 - Last edited on 29-Aug-2014 12:18:16 by Thano

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Absolutely NO raid dungeon or raid boss. I hate that kind of things with passion.

Yes please solo bosses, and soloable content in general. The main appeal in RS for me is that you don't have to rely on a team to be a successful player. An aspect that is very very very rare in games like this, and it should be cherished, not made less viable.

About the other things, I'd like quality of life updates of course, as well as a firemaking update.

29-Aug-2014 12:22:01 - Last edited on 29-Aug-2014 12:22:49 by Beatrix



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Can never get enough slayer updates, but this is not the right time to give the skill even more love. A new quest and especially diaries have been pushed back for more than 8 months now and deserves to be put in the game soon.

Just my 2cents.

29-Aug-2014 12:22:43

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