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September - The Month Ahead

September has arrived and the month ahead is going to be a good one. Here is a sneak-peak of what September has in store.

Bounty Hunter target system

In August the players of Old School voted in the Bounty Hunter target system as described in the developer blog. Since then, we have received a fair amount of feedback saying that you want to see rewards come with the Bounty Hunter target system.

We have since released a developer blog giving an idea of how we would like Bounty Hunter rewards to work and received an enormous amount of feedback. In September we will be releasing a follow up developer blog to show you all what changes we have made and what content we have added to the Bounty Hunter rewards list.

We will also be polling Bounty Hunter rewards later on in the month. Bounty Hunter should be out by the end of September, with or without rewards. If you are looking forward to hunting down some noobs and making use of your DDS, September is going to be a good month.

Goblin raids

There have been rumors floating around RuneScape that Snagwort will, once again, be launching an assault on Gielinor. The white knights refuse to believe, what they describe as, "hearsay" and are not preparing for the potential invasion, you may need to lend them a helping hand.

Corporeal Beast

We have been talking about Corporeal Beast for quite some time now and this month we will be finalising everything to do with the monster.

Later on this month there will be a developer blog discussing our plans for the Corporeal beast that, after we have gone over all the feedback and made necessary adjustments, will be shortly followed by a Corporeal Beast poll.

Halloween poll

Towards the end of September we will be running a poll for the return of the 2007 Halloween event.

Those of you that were playing at the time may remember Death's house and the event that accompanied it. The poll at the end of September will be your opportunity to see the event return and pay Death another visit.

Community streams & developer Q&A

As always there will be a constant flow of livestreams, including the community livestreams every Wednesday, developer Q&A every Thursday and numerous guest streamers, on on the RuneScape channel.

Mod Alfred's Colour Run charity efforts have been going excellently so far and he has now raised ú1,000 for Save the Children. Since he has reached the ú1,000 milestone, as promised he will be eating a scorpion live on the Old School developer Q&A taking place on September 4th.

Keep up-to-date with updates and what is going on with the Old School team by following us on Twitter: @JagexAlfred, @JagexAsh, @JagexJohnC, @JagexMatK, @JagexReach, @JagexRonan and @JagexWeath

Mods Alfred, Ash, John C, Mat K, Reach, Ronan & Weath
The Old School Team


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