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I'm really disappointed that dragon defender is going to only be available to pkers. I am back to try and achieve 99 slayer, the only thing I didn't get my first time around which I really wanted. As such I am just a PvM kind of player. Reading the update list, the dragon defender is the only item which is permanent that bounty hunter rewards pkers. The rest are boosts to items already in the game, which eventually expire.

Is it possible that players could go about obtaining the dragon defender another way?

09-Sep-2014 16:06:22

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Meh, that's like saying, "Wow I can't believe barrows gloves are only available to questers. Wow I can't believe broad bolts are only available to PvMers. Wow I can't believe spotted cape is only available to hunters." The game is meant to be played in its entirety. If there is something in the game you want, then you might have to move outside of your comfort zone to get it. Pking is a part of the game just as much as anything else. Besides, to acquire a Dragon Defender one has to get a spike, which can then be used to get 10 minutes killing Cyclopses at the Warriors Guild in order to obtain the Defender. Which means you need to do PvM and PvP in order to get it. Sounds fair to me.

12-Sep-2014 18:25:43 - Last edited on 12-Sep-2014 18:28:18 by 420 MLG Swag

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Mod Ronan, not like you're going to see this but " imjebbe"" in osrs is abusing his Modship like crazy and i'm surprised he hasn't gotten it taken away, no idea where to post this so i'm just posting it here Mr Benny!

01-Sep-2017 14:42:50

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When can we get a serious conversation and forum post on the status and ETA for OS HD. We had it in the past, so why is it so hard to "resurrect" what was already there? You wonder why OSRS HD's java client was so popular? You're dragging your feet!

06-Sep-2017 21:17:19

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