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I have been through numerous amount of posts and threads of people wanting me to post more on the forums.

So I've formed my own little Art Gallery for you guys to feast over :).

Please enjoy and try to leave some constructive feedback, I'd appreciate it :).

I am only going to keep the most latest images on this thread and will be saving the past images elsewhere - will provide a link soon.

Here is a concept I made of the Steam Battlestaff that needed remaking:

Here is the staff in game:

Got some feedback on the colour of the staff - here it is recoloured.

Some Corp props :)

Graphical work on the Venanatis Cave:

Abyssal Dagger - Community Q&A 1 hour stream - there was a strawpoll where players voted what item they wanted me to model on stream - here is the outcome of it - I've had alot of feedback on what the special should be etc but more feedback is welcomed :).

Bank poll booth :).

Armadyl Crossbow rework:

Been working on Clan Cup statues:

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Glad you listen to the suggestions! Would definitely love to see different colors of graceful that go well with different capes.

Perhaps base the wilderness shield looks off of the dungeoneering shield rewards? The Farseer kiteshield looked absolutely awesome and the Eagle-eye kiteshield would look awesome if its radius was increased.

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From my other thread mist rising moved.

First item I can think of is the graceful set, it would be nice if you could make it look like the agility armour from rs3 they were the 2 best looking items in the game would look even better though with the full set.

Second item I can think of are the 2 wild shields, just need to make them look good shouldn't be hard :)

Third item I can think of is the prospector outfit from motherlode mine I really like the hat but im not a fan of the rest of the outfit.

Also change the steam battlestaff to look badass like the mud/smoke staff.

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