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Stargaze said:
I am xSniperx40. But yes my ego is mentally ill, but its not a ego if I'm quoting your array of achievements to be underwhelming and useless. You can't comment on PVP/portal situations whether you think your decent or not when you're about as useful as Houston if he was tryna fight thin air. I think when you say the charity might be useful to me, maybe, but your in the same boat as me homie so its useful for you also! Don't worry though they won't judge you on being a pre EOC lowers war leader m8 and they defo won't judge you on being in clan 72

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27-May-2017 12:40:43

Fire Hawk154

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Doli said:
Great post lifeless, I think a little acceptance and positivity can go a long way and it is always a welcome thing in the warring community. I want to comment on sniping though.
There are situations where sniping can work, but not as a targeting of a single individual for personal reasons, but as a strategy. My experience is mostly from f2p legacy a year or two ago and it was mostly a cp vs CE thing but here was the plan:
We knew of a couple of pre-bailers, so we had one guy occaiaionally hit a prebailer and watch them run off pile, after a hit or two the sniper returned to our pile. We have also had "split piles" with a snipe unit of three or four that may go after a weak tank after the first kill in a match and return to the main pule after that kill. And lastly, in say a 20v20, we may have 3 or 4 dedicated snipers who bus pick off players camping half health until our numbers drop to 10 and then they return to main pile only. I feel like you are correct in saying sniping can be detrimental and is usually a poor strategy anyway, but there are times it can be used as a productive team strategy, and is mostly used for targeting the opposing team's weaknesses, nit players.

I thought you guys sniped on accident and couldn't find the pile, considering we always agreed on standard CWA rules which means sniping isn't allowed (otherwise a sniper cap has to be set).

Either way, I agree sniping can be useful if both parties agree on it. However, it used to be a Wilderness thing to keep pressure on clans if they were trying to hide/regroup, to take their callers out and to force their mages to switch to tank gear. I don't think it should be a CWA thing as during run ins you can snipe out the opponents callers too easily with the massive Legacy hits. It would only result in callers swapping accounts with others so they can call anonymously (which happened a lot in wars that allowed sniping) and mass namechanges.
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14-Jun-2017 20:25:29

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