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Hello everyone!
My Name is
, today i am spreading the word even further about what my clan is all about and maybe hopefully this clan may be just for you!

Some of you may or may not recognize my name but here's is more information on things that we do as a team to lift our community and bring more new members to our family.

of our clan is found in World
. this is our [
Home World
We are most known for our legit and exciting and even more so the biggest falador drop parties!
although we do many giveaways, we still want every player to enjoy runescape and experience this game as i have since 2007.

Sounds interesting? well that's not all..
aside of all of our drop parties.. we participate is many mini-games!
You may find many our members at Castle Wars, Pest control .
But majority of us has made our home at Clan Wars!

I host a event at clan wars, every sunday 7:30 p.m-11:00 p.m ( Eastern time )
This Gives all of our rival clans a chance to battle for weeks worth of " bragging rights " and 1st place prizes!

Come join us today!
Sincerly, Purged

06-Sep-2017 19:55:12

Calm Enigma

Calm Enigma

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Hey, although your clan does seem to do warring, this thread does not belong in this section for two reasons. First, this is an RS3 section and yours is an 07 clan. Second, we post threads about wars but don't recruit here. I see you have already have a thread over in the OSRS clans section, which is the correct place for this topic :) -

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11-Sep-2017 18:10:53

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