Deadman Winter Finals 2017

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Why did you change the date at the last minute? Seriously, wtf guys? I only participated because you guys clearly stated the invitational would be the week of 11 December. I trusted you guys and you compromised your word.

In this post:
You guys clearly stated "The top 2000 players of the Season will qualify for the Deadman Winter Invitational which will run from Monday 11th December to Saturday 16th December."

I participated knowing that the tournament would begin 11th December, the week after my final exams. Now that the date has been changed, I can no longer participate in the invitational tournament. I invested a lot of time, effort, stress, deaths and research to make the top 1000 on the basis that you guys were honest.

This makes absolutely no sense for you to change the dates. Everyone participating knew the precondition you gave for the tournament was that it will begin on the 11th. Now many of us are being punished for planning according to your word. Un freaking believable.

14-Nov-2017 00:00:59



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Hi Jagex,

Most of us are still at university and school and the deadman final is always during our final exams. please change the dates and put it during the winter break which is around christmas and new year. I always get qualified but can't play the final hour and this is disapointing. There will also be a bigger audience if you put the date during our winter break. We put a lot of hours into this game and deadman tournament is the only reason why i play runescape. So please take into consideration my proposition for this tournament and the coming ones.


18-Nov-2017 00:57:02



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You are absolutly right, I got the same problem, I paid for membership several times just to play deadman and get qualified because i was able to play during the dates they mentioned at first to have the final hour on the 16th but now the final hour is at the same time as my final and this sucks i was really looking forward it and spent a lot of time playing for this tournament.

18-Nov-2017 01:00:33

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Are you guys even considering that there's people having school / jobs? The start being so important and you start in the morning of a freaking monday. Kind of strange that people with jobs forget that there's people with jobs out there. Would love to see the time change, let alone the date change so that the people that have their exams can actually enjoy what they grinded for. I'm on GMT, so after my shift I "only" miss on 5-6 hours. If you're on EST you're screwed. There's no way to say this in a nice manner. Get your shit together, you're messing up most of the people with this.

21-Nov-2017 22:25:29

Warrior X-90

Warrior X-90

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Two questions:

1) What happens if there are less than 128 people alive before moving to the final area?
2) What if people "intentionally stall" by not fighting but only eating? Will the damage go up over time fast enough to prevent this?
A Windows shortcut has opened in the Hefin mountain.

23-Nov-2017 10:56:19

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I got my invite for the final now, great!

The message contained most important info for the final week. But it said nothing about xp rates.

Can anyone confirm what xp rates will be like for combat/non-combat inside and outside safezone? Will it be the same as in the seasonal with 15/10 combat and 10/5 non-combat?

29-Nov-2017 12:49:57

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