Deadman Winter Finals 2017

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Why did you change the date at the last minute? Seriously, wtf guys? I only participated because you guys clearly stated the invitational would be the week of 11 December. I trusted you guys and you compromised your word.

In this post:
You guys clearly stated "The top 2000 players of the Season will qualify for the Deadman Winter Invitational which will run from Monday 11th December to Saturday 16th December."

I participated knowing that the tournament would begin 11th December, the week after my final exams. Now that the date has been changed, I can no longer participate in the invitational tournament. I invested a lot of time, effort, stress, deaths and research to make the top 1000 on the basis that you guys were honest.

This makes absolutely no sense for you to change the dates. Everyone participating knew the precondition you gave for the tournament was that it will begin on the 11th. Now many of us are being punished for planning according to your word. Un freaking believable.

14-Nov-2017 00:00:59

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