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I was doing the first part of the Mage Arena miniquest and when I went to fight Kolodin I ran until he stopped attacking me because it wouldn't let me attack him, when I came back he didnt attack me, I forgot to bring teleports so I switched worlds to see if that would fix the issue but now I'm permanently stuck in the Mage Arena and i cant get out.


16-May-2019 21:07:13

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Teleports don't work that high up on the Wilderness. You can only teleport on levels under 20 or levels under 30 with an enchanted dragonstone item like a glory or ring of wealth.

If I understood you correctly, you're stuck inside the Mage Arena. You're gonna have to walk out. There is a door on the north.

Let me know if this helps. :)
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16-May-2019 21:37:55

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