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Hello everyone,

Last week I started playing again after 1-2 years and I found out my account was banned.
I appealed it an apparently I got hacked and banned for botting.

The guy who hacked my account has changed all kinds of settings. Especially the changes he's made in the UI are very annoying. Is there a way to reset all settings to the settings when you create a new account?

side question: is there a way to get things like money back because I got hacked?



29-Apr-2019 19:44:44



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You didn't post a screenshot so I'm not sure what the problem is with the UI but after you enter a world press Esc on your keyboard to open the options menu. Click the Edit Layout Mode button. Select the RS3 Default layout. You might need to go in to the Advanced Options menu and put a check in the box for Game View so you can change the game view area if that's a problem.

29-Apr-2019 23:30:01

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