My Brother CANT get login!

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My brother had an account from 06 when i had started my account and we cannot recover the account we have tried several times. Were pretty sure his account name was Nixon7. He should be on my friends list but i see several friends with codes as their names which i assume their not activated, old accounts. I was hoping with the recovery request he has send in and all the information your able to find his account and help us get back in and play together.

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Hello and welcome to the forums,

If you see names such as [#0C831L4] or something, those names are removed by Jagex due breaking the rules or inactivity. They need to set a a new display name up on login. Mostly for inactity yes.

His account name, is that also his login name or did he have a name change? You might want to check the forgotten login support article.

Best of luck and let us know if you need more help.
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