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Dean Niven

Dean Niven

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So I haven't played in a few months, I come back to play and my entire account is reset? I am unable to log into my original username (Spolia Opima). So I do the password reset I am now set up with a brand new account with zero stats, items, and a new name.

This is ridiculous, I have played the same since at least 2001. I originally was under the account name Some guy12, and most actively now Spolia Opima. I need some technical support accessing my account. I have emails from Jagex going to my username (Spolia Opima) as recent as 5 days ago. This new account and my "old" are linked to my email address. I have paid for membership for years and most recently paid to start again.

Please help. I can provide more information through secure channel.

14-May-2019 18:12:48

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I think that you're logged into Old School RuneScape, everyone starts here with a new account, if you login in RuneScape 3 (the main game), you'll find your stats and items.

See also this support article.

Best of luck!
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14-May-2019 18:55:53

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The stats on Spolia Opima are not gone. They still show on the RuneMetrics page for that account (

It sounds like you may have gotten the log in information mixed up.

If the Spolia Opima account was created prior to November 2010, you will log in using the account's username (which is the original name on the account and may be different from the current display name).

If the account was created after November 2010, you will use a email address to log in. This is not necessarily the same as your 'registered' email address. If you login with an email address, you will always use that original address to log in, even if you've changed the registered email address.

The Forgotten login article in the Support Centre should help you figure it out.

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15-May-2019 20:08:07

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