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Hi Im Mehow

Hi Im Mehow

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Hey, out of habit I logged into this account on the RS website to buy the 2 for 3 month summer special. I submitted a request to have to transferred to my hardcore since I don’t remember the last time I even logged into this account to play.

Does anyone know how’s long it takes to get a response? I’m just worried I’m letting membership go to waste. I submitted my response two days ago.

Thank you

13-Jun-2019 20:44:37

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Hi Im Mehow.

Payment support tickets can take up to 48h, and maybe slightly longer at the moment with the launch of the Summer Special, when some players have problems buying the package (ahem!).

The replies to payment support tickets go to the account's message centre inbox, not via email.
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13-Jun-2019 20:50:43

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