Moderator Hackers??

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I'm writing this to complain, as I recently got banned and filed for appeal. The appeal was accepted and I now have my account back.

I've always done a very good job securing my account, changed passwords several times and always made them extremely difficult passwords. I've also always had a bank pin number.

Recently I had made a legal purchase of bonds through OSRS. And Sold them on the GE to help gain GP and to help with the training of my skills.

However, I don't believe it is possible to hack an account without inside information with the precautions I had in place. My concern comes with. I've spent actual money, to accumulate items within the game. I'm assuming and please correct me if I am wrong. But I can only assume at this point that, someone, likely the person who hacked my account was also able to ban my account after He/She had somehow got into my bank and cleaned me out of almost 40M worth of GP and goods alike. Items like a Sara Sword, Abby Whip, Full Obi, Full Verac's, 100K arrow shafts, 2k Uncooked Lobsters, 800 Dragon Bones & 800 Blue D Hides, 3 Bracelets of Ethereum (uncharged), Dragon Plate Legs, Dragon Boots, 1k Rune Arrows and I'm sure there is more I'm missing.

My concern with this, is the likely hood of my password being guessed and somehow removing my pin, couldn't have just been an average joe hacker. Someone corrupt, likely, somewhere within the game who's able to access such information, has technically now stolen, essentially real money from me.

Is there any moderators available that could see, or look into, who and when I was banned, and who was the moderator to actually confirm my banning. As I'm thinking that this was likely what happened. Thank you for your time.

I've been a OSRS fan since 2004, you guys have always worked incredibly hard to make an incredible game. Now coming into my 30's, I understand the need for an increased number of moderators. Thank you again.

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Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Sbowner.

If the hijacker removed Authenticator, reset the password, and maybe changed the registered email, then they had access to your email account.

If Authentciator was still in place, and the password unchanged, then you likely have a keylogger or RAT on your PC, or they phished the information from you.

Please secure your PC, email and Runescape accounts using the advice here:
Keeping your email secure

The fact that Jagex unbanned the account on appeal shows that they could see evidence of hijacking stored on the account.
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J Seinfeld said:
Sbowner said:
J Seinfeld said:
Sbowner said:
I've been a OSRS fan since 2004

We have a time traveller here! :O
I remember the first Runescape ;-)

If that was true you'd "remember" that OSRS wasn't a thing until 2013. :|

It was just Runescape back then I think. Pretty sure I was 14 when I first started playing... I get what your saying though haha ;-)

15-Aug-2019 20:42:04

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