Moderator Hackers??

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You are making very serious accusations against Jagex staff, with absolutely no evidence to back them up.

As others have noted, it is very likely that your account security is not as good as you think it is - as shown by the fact that you weren't using the Authenticator at the time of the problem, for example.

Some things to consider:

Have you logged in to the game from any public or office computers, for example? If you don't control the computer you access the game from, you have no way of assessing their security.

Have you logged into forums promising you extra XP or in-game gold through special offers, as advertised on Twitch for example? These are all fakes, even though they look identical to the real forums.

How exactly do you check your computer for viruses and malware?

Are you using BOTH an antivirus and an antimalware program?

Are they both up to date?

Some malware can evade protective software. Have you used ONLINE scanners to double check your own security?

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16-Aug-2019 09:27:19

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