I got hacked can anyone help

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Cheeko 93

Cheeko 93

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My account got hacked they took everything on me..... I paid for membership and they stole all my money I had about 8mil saved up and they took all my armour and sold everything good that I had.... I'm heartbroken. Just wondering if there is anything that can be done.... if not I don't think I'll be playing this game anymore or ever buying member ship again. I've been a player since 2006 and with mobile coming out I made a new account and was again having fun I've put so many hours into this game and now it's all gone...... please if there is anything you can do to find who did this too me it had too have happened last night. Last time I was on was around about 11pm 12am and signed back in around 9pm today and saw that everything was gone...... please if you can look into my account and see what they did you can prove that someone stole every thing. Please help. please contact me back.

12-Jun-2019 02:30:01

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Hi there
Cheeko 93

You are talking to other players in here, not Jagex.
We can give you advice and point you to support articles.

You have not mentioned what security setup you had.
Did you have Authenticator set?
Did you have 2-step verification set to protect access to your email?
Did you have a Bank PIN set?

Knowing whether you had these and whether they were still active or disabled provides some very good clues as to what might have happened.

Without knowing what security you had, it is hard to diagnose how the hijacker learned your login information so all I can do is recommend you to the following articles:
Securing your mobile device
Securing your computer - if you also used a pc
Securing your account

To find out about how to report the incident to Jagex, read this page: Lost Items
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