Account Hacked then banned

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Hi my Account got banned username KuulanF5 (not to be confused with my new acct Kuulan_F5) I havent tried to get on my old account since i stopped playing last summer and when i tried to get on it was clearly hacked my bank was cleaned out but then i tried getting on again and it was banned for botting. It would be really nice to get that account back since it was my origional OSRS account. Please let me know if there is anything that can be done

14-Jun-2019 02:50:43

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^You can use the link in the above post to appeal the ban.

Once you have done that and potentially received the account back, do make sure you secure your computer and account. You can do so by going to this link: Securing Your Account

Make sure you do secure your account to prevent any further hijackings and potential bans. You don't want to be losing everything again.
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14-Jun-2019 04:11:44

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Their are nothing you can tell or share about it , they are looking into their own system and that will tell them everything they need to know.

Good luck :)
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14-Jun-2019 09:08:33

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