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So I looked high and low for the customer support but there doesn't seem to be a way to create a ticket like other games have implemented. I spent a VERY large amount of time as a kid playing rs, and wanted to log in to see how things have changed, and get back into playing it. Having logged in, I noticed that all of my expensive items were gone (I almost always put most of my $$$ into equipment, then sold if need be). I stopped playing while I was a member so I had two questions. I am going to assume that either I got hacked (not likely), or (more likely) that I sold whatever set I had and used the money to put into Miscellania. So my question is, how can I retrieve my items (or collect rather) from miscellania while I am f2p? I highly doubt that I am the first person to have this happen, so I assume some system is in place, however I can't play the game at my level without having anything. In addition to this, is there any fix to a bank account being constantly full due to members items? I remember this being a problem way back when, but it would seem really lazy to cripple any member looking to play f2p. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer me, looking forward to be playing soon. :D

25-Jun-2019 19:13:37

Skod River
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Hey LiquidxLotus.

How long ago was it when you was online ?


Where you in the same spot as you was last time you where online ?

If i am not mistaken are there no way's for you to Loot Kingdom , before you get p2p , since that is p2p content.

Well you can destroy some of the items , which would end up with Diango , and even selling member items in ge
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25-Jun-2019 19:29:53



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Thanks for replying, I was in the same spot I believe, however it was the GE where I almost always logged at so it wouldn't be much to go on. Its been a while since I last played as well, in runemetrics it shows my last activity to be 2011. I will check with the Diango idea in a bit.

25-Jun-2019 22:56:21

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