I have been hacked :(

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Zuk-DeezNutz said:
So many hours wasted! Well thats it for this game then, I cant play a game that is this easy to hack after needing so much time to get there is the first place.

If you secure your RuneScape account and device, being hacked is not that easy.
Spearmint30 said:
Hey there,

First, before changing any information, follow the steps outlined in the Securing your computer support article. Without performing this step first before changing account details, you could possibly hand the keys right back over to the hijacker if there is malicious software on your computer.

Next up, check out the information on the Securing your account support article. You'll note the first step entails changing your email account password - having an insecure email account can be disastrous.
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09-Jun-2019 16:19:28

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