Got hacked => name change

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I am led to believe my account got hacked
I was unable to login my account due to a session already being in process so I went thru recovery and got my account back

I could not login for about 5 hrs due to this session already being in progress and went thru recovery

I did not lose any items ( I believe ) because of bank pin and I was at the same spot where I logged out

I have no idea what they did on my account but they changed my Display Name

It says I have to wait until July 14th to change my name I really dont want to wait that long

For the love of me I cannot find where to submit a support ticket, it would be appreciated if I could get a link

Furthermore, could any staff reading this people revert my name back to what it was previously please

21-Jun-2019 05:37:36

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Hi there
RNG 8261

Did you have a really good display name before it was stolen?

The hijacker changed your display name twice which means you have now completely lost the previous name.
You are RNG 8261 previous name also RNG 8261.

Sadly you cannot get the name back - Jagex does not provide assistance for stolen display names.

If the hijacker could not get past your Bank PIN it sounds like the security weak point was your email.
With access to the email the hijacker can get most information except the Bank PIN.

Please change the password to your email right away (if you haven't done so yet).
Then work through this page of instructions: Keeping your email secure
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21-Jun-2019 08:58:12

stay alive

stay alive

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Also in this instance if your previous username was borderline offensive in someway and it had been reported by players you may actually log in to find that you need to create a new user name then you will have to wait for the cool down before you can update it again.

This is a possibility.
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