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Red Slippers
Sep Member 2019

Red Slippers

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Hey guys,

So i've been playing runescape for a long time, almost half my life in fact. Today when i logged in after work, my character was standing in front of the bank chest as Castle Wars which threw me for a loop. You see prior to leaving for work today i left my character at nmz rocking full Guthans. I was expecting to find my character standing near Dominic.
I opened my bank and nothing was missing, which makes me confused.
Is it possible there was a game mechanic i'm not familiar with? Did i get hacked and the perp deemed me to poor?
Should i be worried?

Thanks for the help!

P.S I had just recently changed my password too.

25-Jun-2019 00:43:24

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Go to some public computer in a library or your iPhone and change your password to something very obscure and enable 2 process authentication or whatever it is.

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Hey there,

Though you state that nothing appears to be messed with, I'd recommend going through the better-safe-than-sorry approach. Follow the same steps as if you had been hijacked to ensure everything is secure. It's a good idea to follow these procedures once in a while anyhow to ensure everything is set up and as secure as it can be.

Start by securing your computer, then secure your account. Worst case scenario is that you were hijacked but you've taken the steps necessary to secure the account and stop further attack. Best case scenario is that you were never hijacked and your time was spent making sure your computer and account security are all up to date.

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25-Jun-2019 02:37:17

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Thread moved to the Community Led Account Help Forum, as this is a much better forum for getting account security advice. (The General Forum is for RuneScape (RS3) related discussions.)

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
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25-Jun-2019 04:37:47

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