Can't make golem outfit??

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I am 95 mining with 29 invention and have researched the blueprints for the golem outfit. I have all the shards necessary to make all pieces, but at the invention workbench the option to make the outfit does not even appear. Am I doing something wrong or was the option removed??

02-Feb-2019 02:58:45

Jeremy C
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Jeremy C

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Do you happen to have all the golem outfit pieces in your bank?

I'm looking at my Invention Workbench page, and I don't see it on there anymore. Presumably, this is because I have the entire set, yet I still can see the rune ethereal and divination outfit pieces.
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02-Feb-2019 16:26:25



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You must have the sapphire gloves someplace already. Jeremy C mentioned checking the bank. Have you checked with Diango? Check for stored skilling outfit items.

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