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These forums make no sense, and the support is awful. It's just running me around in circles and not giving me any way to contact anyone?!?

I bought RS3 bonds, when i wanted OSRS bonds and i've wasted an hour of my life trying to figure out how to transfer them. Someone help.

13-Mar-2018 22:36:20

Chief Elf
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Yes I've seen that. RS3 is extremely confusing to me as i don't play it. where is this "contact us" button at?

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, under "If you have completed the steps above get in touch with us through the contact option below so we can resolve your issue," there is a big yellow button that says 'Contact Us'. Right at the bottom of the page.

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13-Mar-2018 22:53:19

Jeremy C
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As this thread pertains to a billing support issue, I'm going to slide this thread over to the Payment Support forum. The advice left above by 0815 and Chief Elf should help you resolve this issue, but if you have any other follow up questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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14-Mar-2018 01:22:53

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If your account is locked due to an unpaid balance/negative credit, follow the instructions here

If your account is locked because someone else has tried to access it, attempt to login and then follow the instructions from there. If you're struggling with denied appeals, have a read through here

If the account has been banned, you can appeal it here

Hope that helps :)

15-Mar-2018 08:44:50

Mr Rey Ray
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I'm going to assume you used real life money, so follow this link an give it a read.
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15-Mar-2018 13:20:37

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