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To help us cut down on the amount of duplicate bug reports, here is a list of already known issues.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.

Windows & General issues

  • The instruction at 0x (c00000005) error message. Updating your graphics driver should fix this

  • Error message c0000374

  • Error message c0000409

  • Doing an animation while running like opening the world map can cause you to get stuck. (you're actually moving, the animation system just needs a little time to catch up)

  • Weight puzzle from diamond in the rough quest can be buggy sometimes. (if you know how to cause this bug please tweet @JagexDolan)

  • NPCs that have an alternate state will sometimes transition repeatedly (ie. KK, Implings, Dagganoth Mother etc.)

  • Loot has a very small change to disappear in instances. (Note: Objects have a possibility to be underground or in the air, enabeling area loot and dropping an item you don't mind losing where the loot should be will allow you to pick it up)

  • Neverberry bushes are not animating at the moment

  • Water reflections do not work in all scenarios

  • QBD fire-breathing attack is a bit out of sync

  • Yakamaru is a bit more transparent than it should be

  • Some natural obstacles are represented as walls on the minimap

  • Some icons are missing from the minimap. Most obvious region is TzHaar City

  • Playing around with the Inventory window might make inventory slots disappear. Simply restoring the window will make them appear again, though.

  • Animating Lava texture isn’t working right now

  • Particles and abilities sometimes appear too bright

  • Some particles and abilities sometimes have transparency problems

  • Ignore list doesn't display name change icon

  • OBS does not capture mouse cursor in game capture mode

  • Water shader not rendering correctly in Clan Citadels

  • Barbarian fishing causes the fish to stretch

  • Elite slayer creatures do not display their scrolling sprite

  • Terrain blending isn’t working as intended and sometimes it displays white edges

  • NPCs sometimes flicker on OSX

  • The wall decorations in the POH Dungeon are sunken into the walls

  • The shadows from the First Floor can be seen in the POH Dungeon

  • A few NPCs display jittery animations

  • Turning on the spot causes stretching

  • Animations are broken while travelling via Magic Carpet

  • Audio will sometimes cut out

  • Celtic knot elite clue puzzles are faded

  • Ability to see other islands or map squares where you shouldn't; Death's Office, Entrana, Lunar Isle, Ape Atoll

  • Ramokee Skinweaver's throne in the Polyore Dungeon flashes and emits particles in wrong direction

  • Spot animations such as sunshine can be seen through the ceiling in the slayer tower

  • Some game world and worn items have blue/white tinge

  • The equippable silver hawk and weildable whips stretch in certain circumstances

  • Some master capes have clipping issues with their relevant skill icon

  • Some alt-codes and non-English keyboards characters do not work

  • Animation issues with woodcutting at the citadel

  • Players who are temporarily banned who try to log into NXT will get incorrect information about their ban time. Please check your account information for the correct time

  • Barrels for certain ports D&Ds appear to be duplicated

  • Myths of the white land area had water patches instead of ice

  • Teleporting up or down floors will rotate your camera 180°

  • Icons that change dynamically on worn items appear black if set to the default (eg. wicked hood)

  • The dance floor in clan citadels is visible on them minimap on the ground floor

  • Mac specific issues

  • On Mac OSX, if you get an error that the game cannot be opened, you can work around it by entering "xattr -r -d /Applications/" in a console (or by running the executable directly, or running it from the .dmg)

  • Linux specific issues

  • Attempting to install the client via the website instructions on Ubuntu 16.04 (the latest LTS) causes a missing package error

  • Resizing the client can cause the screen to go black or close

  • Text input for Ubuntu is delayed

  • Keys stop responding after losing focus on the client

  • Some key presses do not repeat when the key is held down

  • Accented character do not appear

  • Audio does not work correctly when not using pulseaudio
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