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tl;dr: I want to try this but I'm also worried if I do my computer will be unusable. I currently cannot run NXT because of this issue.

Here's my story:
One time my graphics drivers updated themselves, and it caused NXT to randomly freeze every once in a while, displaying a message that said something along the lines of "your graphics drivers failed but recovered." Nonetheless, I'd have to close the client and restart. Sometimes it'd happen once every hour or two, others it'd happen every 5 minutes. Eventually a windows update removed the error message completely and it'd just look like it was frozen. I rolled back the driver and the problem was fixed!

However, for a different reason, I had to reset my PC later. The drivers were reinstalled to their "most updated version" and could no longer be rolled back because there was nothing to roll back to. The problem has returned and now I'm stuck using the legacy client until I figure out how to fix this or get a new computer. According to the NXT client, my drivers are several hundred days old, but attempting to update them tells me I have the most recent ones.

I wish all this technical stuff wasn't so confusing. Everything computer related has some jacked up name that's just a bunch of letters and numbers and nothing can be simple. If it were, I'd probably be able to figure out if this would screw up my computer or not.
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