Firewall issue (launcher)

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AneDiCarpio said:
Everytime i open the runescape nxt launcher (shortcut or the .exe from the file root)

"There was an error loading the game configuration from the website. If you have a firewall, check that this program is allowed to access the internet. (6,200)"

Im running the latest windows 10 version, all of my firewalls are turned off, no anti-virus programs, windows defender is also turned off. Basically my computer is very vulnerable now just to get the nxt client working but no :/

help please U_U

I did the uninstall delete cache things things but still no use.

That error indicates a problem receiving the configuration to launch the client. A difference between what we expect the page to contain and what was delivered. I can only guess that there is maybe some anti virus or something that is intercepting HTML requests and adjusting the content type header.

Hope that helps to narrow down a possible culprit. If you do find out what was wrong, please do let us know so we can stop it happening to anyone else.

04-May-2016 16:46:19

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