Update on the status of 4taa

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can you tools stop listening to reddit? just for once?

or is it just that you guys like taking away small rewards for significant effort?

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down here salt is a way of life
obviously, the environment down here is all salt
the ceiling is salt, the floor is salt, the walls are salt
and to an extent the air is salt
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4 tic question?
Why cant you guys make 3 new ”abilitys”
”airsurge” Or what ever spell you want..
”arrow” or bolt what ever it is your fireing
”sword” or lance etc..
Those 3 abilitys could, makes the swing of a sword or fires a arrow and one that shoots the mage spell you have selected,
that takes away the need for 4 ticking and switching etc. ( of course it makes it so you have to press a key or "activate it in revo" or what ever. but everyone can do it and problem solved?

16-Jan-2018 17:00:39

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