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true llama
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true llama

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I love the idea , but I would like to see it functional as a farm and not as previous mentioned a theme park idea where you keep your animals encountered on adventures etc. Where we can either breed the animals , gather resources from them , your own patches maybe and to interact with the animals. Envy / Pride / Wrath / Greed / Gluttony / Lust / Sloth

05-Apr-2018 12:19:08

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Mushroomfolk (Mutated Morchella, Mutated Bittercap)

Grown from mushroom spores being accidentally bring to Zanaris by Adventurers, these monsters are more docile and manageable than their native Zanaris counterparts. They are more than willing to help players with their farm, be it holding their farming tools, help tidying up farm plots, or just being a cute companion, as long as they are given a place to live.

This is such a nice competition. Good luck to all participants! :)

08-Apr-2018 21:38:56

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