5-Man Free-For-All for 100M

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Shiddy Guy

Shiddy Guy

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Im trying to get a new game going in osrs where we select 5 players at random to fight in a free-for-all death match in a multi-combat zone in the wilderness for 100M prize to the last man standing. I'll stream it on twitch for the content and to show Im not trying to scam ppl into risking there gear for no reason.
The 5 players would be selected through the Twitch Giveaway plugin. Players that think they have a shot at beating 4 others, all with different combat lvls, will type a keyword to enter the pool. Once 5 players are ready, we head out to a multi zone in deep wildy and they fight to the death.
Thats the short version of it and I know it seems a bit scuffed at first but once we get it going ppl will see it's legit. There's no scam behind this. We're not gonna have some clan jump the 5 players or anything like that. However, it IS the wilderness and the risk of the wilderness is there. I would love to have a bunch of maxed combat dudes holding down the gauntlet making sure nobody jumps in but I don't think I'll have that in the beginning. The risk of anything happening in the wild along with all the other shenaningans will be well worth 100m payout to the one who walks outta there alive.
If you run away, you're disqualified. Other than that anything goes. Looters will be another nuisance to deal with as the fighters choose between picking up valuables on the floor adding to their 100m winnings(or forfeiting the fight and leaving with what they can) and staying focused on finishing the fight and winning the cash prize.
This is the rough draft of what I'm trying to do and I left some details out to keep this from being too long but I would really appreciate ANY input, questions, or ideas from you all.

17-May-2018 22:23:32

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