PvP Hide & Seek Event

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A little Pvp Hide & Seek Event - TODAY -

Warning: The event will be in a dangerous PvP area known as the wilderness. Please do not take items you are not willing to lose and go in expecting that you can lose everything you have on your person if you die.

Event Details:
Date: 19th May 2018
Time: 19:00 Game Time
Place: World 1 Edge Bank
Friends Chat: Revenant Imp

CopyPast from Revenant Imp Reddit Post

Event Explanation:
The event start time. I will then have helpers with items I've given them go to their agreed locations with the prizes. Noted prizes for those without invention, but those with invention will equip something with committed perk on. They will also have demonic skulls on them so all levels can attack. When the event time begins, everyone from World 1 Edgevile will start the hunt, going to their preferred scouting locations and hopping worlds looking for the helpers to kill. Some helpers will gladly let you kill them without a fight, but not all of them will be easy to kill so be warned. This will take place on all p2p worlds other than skill total level worlds, VIP, quickchat, combat specific or bounty hunter worlds. Good luck on winning some of the loot, as I have put 350mil towards the prizes.
Event Purpose:
To give people who wouldn't normally or have never PvP'ed before an opportunity to try it out in Legacy or EOC and have some fun with it. A nice community event that all are welcome to join in and have a laugh with. Even if you aren't a pk'er you are more than welcome to join in with no gear on you just to spectate. You may team up with friends but if you don't have a team you can join my friends chat and team up with people in there.

See you!

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