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Hey guys,

We're hosting a bug hunt in the Beta Servers (If you use the Client, head here), this Wednesday at 17:00 game time! We'll be adding the new Death Rework to the Beta servers and dying with anyone who wants to come, looking to break the system as much as possible.

Whilst we're not looking for feedback on the rework at the moment, we will be taking your thoughts on board. However we do want to find as many bugs as possible to avoid these going into the live game and spoiling someone's day!

Check the changes here and prepare yourselves!

The Death Rework is due for release next Tuesday, so your contributions will be much-appreciated.

Come help us break the system and chat as well!



Sneaky Mod Chaose edit;

How to load into BETA

Login to the BETA lobby the same way you would for the live game.
On the Player Info tab of the lobby hit the "Import save" button. This will copy your account exactly from it's current state in the live game! You can do this whenever you want to refresh your BETA save.

Note: Any changes made to your character in the BETA do not affect your live save. You won't gain or lose anything from actions you make in the in the BETA. :)

Aims of BETA mess playtest

-Sanity check high-risk areas.
-Exploratory testing and niche cases.

What’s changed?

-Items lost on death are now stored in a "Death Inventory" for 24 hours of time spent logged into the game.


-Items can be reclaimed from a gravestone as in the current live game and degradable objects lose charge as usual.
-Gravestone timers have been greatly reduced. Higher tier gravestones still give you a longer base timer, signs of respite and blessing graves extends this as before. The new grave timer cap is 5 minutes.
-Higher tier gravestones also provide a discount to the latter reclaim method detailed below, up to 5% off.

Death's Reclaim

-If the player doesn’t reach their gravestone in time, or chooses not to pursue it they may reclaim their lost items from Death, at a small portion of their Grand Exchange value (or their predetermined value if they’re untradeable). Degradable objects don’t lose charge if reclaimed in this manner.
-Items in your death inventory can be sacrificed to pay towards the cost of others, should you opt to. We expect this mostly to be used for consumable items that you are willing to part with.
-If the player fails to reclaim their objects within 24 hours of time spent logged in, or dies again before reclaiming them they are lost permanently. Time remaining replaces the gravestone timer once the gravestone collapses.

Other changes

-When you die you'll be taken to Death's office. When you leave you can choose any of your unlocked respawn points.
-Gravestones timer doesn't start until you leave Death's office, or if you wait around too long.
-A stack of objects are now considered to be one item in terms of protected items.
-The "Items Kept on Death" interface has been updated. This largely mirrors what you will see when attempting to reclaim items after death.
-You may apply a cosmetic override to your gravestone for half the price of the effective version at the gravestone shops in Lumbridge and Keldagrim.
-Graphically improved the entrance to Death’s office, north of Draynor Village.

What hasn't changed

-‘Always saved’ items, such as very low level equipment and auras, are retained automatically as usual.
-Safe PvP and minigames are unchanged. You’ll respawn with all of your items as usual.
-Dangerous PvP death is also unchanged. If you are player-killed you’ll lose your items as before!


Rough schedule

-Enter the BETA world and join 'Mod Chaose' friends chat. If that fills up entirely, join 'Mod Hunter'.
-Spread out, heading to PvM encounters you would likely play in the live game, whether that be boss instances or Slayer.
-Head out into the Wilderness, or dangerous Clan Wars, and engage in PvP combat.

What to do if you find a bug

If you encounter something you know, or suspect is a bug you can report it using the ingame bug reporter, found by clicking on the flag icon on the chat window. These reports are automatically separated from the live game's reports so we can address these separately.
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Sounds interesting :P. I shall try and make it.
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