King Black Dragon Saturdays

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Hello everyone, and welcome.

I recently started playing again after many years and I wanted to start backup an event I started after release of rs2 but ended 2005. Called King Black Dragon Saturdays.

Starting at Noon, Central US Time. World 2 Members.

Gathering at Edgeville 1 hour before Noon, Central US Time. World 2 Members.

The event will start at Edgeville, where we will gather. In that hour of gather I will be hosting mini drop party. Mostly supplies for KBD Trip and other goodies I might have available.

At Noon, Central US Time World 2 Members.
, we head out for the beast lair. But remember this is at your own risk, the way to the KBD lair is through the wild so only bring stuff you can afford lose if necessary.

The event will go on until all people leave or till we call it so be prepared for maybe hours of combat.

Lastly, everyone is welcome to join in. I'm hoping for good times, it might start out slow at first couple weeks but when I got this event rolling back in rs2 days we hit well over 150 people. So i'm interested see how this will go.

See you all there!

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Don't forget: the Wilderness entrance to the KBD lair will afford players a 10% damage boost but it
is not
the only way into the lair!

There is an 'Artifact' in Edgeville just on the edge of the Wilderness Wall. This will teleport you directly to the beast. Be ready when you click this teleport as the KBD might be within attack range.

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