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All these posts should have been hidden and only viewable by j mods tbh

I cba to go through all these pages to see if someone else has proposed the same name I’m suggesting so I’m submitting 2 just in case.

When I first saw this shadow drake I thought of the dragon riders and their story about the dragon like creatures (Gurhs) that inhabited their homeland. It could be that a few of these Gurhs came over from the Ilujan*a’s home world to Gielinor during Zaros’ reign. After the dragon riders were all wiped out (well all but Hannibus) these Gurhs became lost and confused without their guidance in the new lands. Soon they became wild and ferocious in order to survive their new environment. Through hardship, these once kind creatures became dark and sinister growing an affinity towards the shadows. Only until now do they emerge from the shadows due to Sliske’s manipulations of the shadow realm. Because of this they are now barred from reentering and seek refuge. This is where the lucky players (and hopefuly myself) manage to tame these shadow drakes which I call Umbrex/Wraithrix

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Also, just an idea, it's examine text could be "Drake-arys!" being an obvious reference to Game of Thrones.

It should definitely have a unique examine feature referencing something cool! :)

*** Dear Jagex, I know I have posted this comment many times throughout this thread. I've thought that if I am consistent in repeating this post it would eventually be seen. Regardless, I haven't explained why I think Veelox would be a phenomenal standard name for the Legendary Drake pet.

Veelox is the English derivative of the latin word "Velox" meaning "swift, rapid, and stealthy".
I think that this name would fit perfectly for the Drake for two reasons:

1.) The Drake's aerodynamic body design that makes it look like it can fly really fast. Since Veelox means swift, it would be appropriate.

2.) Since the name Veelox means both fast and stealthy, it would make for a unique name that could be used by both the Shadow-Type of Drake and the Regular Drake.

3.) Unlike other Dragon names associated with common game-lore, Veelox would be unique and not associated with any of it. Plus it sounds cool and Dragony! :D

Personally, I think Veelox would be a great name for the new Drake pet and hope you give it fair consideration. Thank you for reading!



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This thread is now closed. Wow everyone what an amazing response! Thanks very much for all your brilliant entries, we're going to have a fun weekend going through them all!! We'll be back on Monday to announce the winners - many thanks again to everyone who participated. :D

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