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I was wondering if anyone is doing any drop partys or anything? i lost 4b gp years ago and came back if anyone ever reads this id love to come to your event,i don't expect anything but id just like to get atleast one rare again some day,thank you!!!~Spy~

15-Jan-2018 09:16:30



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There are drop parties in Varrock GE and the Fally Party room a lot. If you hang around those areas you are bound to find some. ;)
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17-Feb-2018 22:24:37

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Always be cautious about drop parties - especially when they ask you to follow them to to another location. These usually lead to people inviting you to their FC or advertising that you head to a website; something that involves doing something outside of RuneScape.

Best to head to drop parties that are advertised on the Game Clock, which usually happen during special occasions like Christmas :)

There's tonnes of events on the Events Calendar sticky.
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Anybody can also request for their event / initiative to be put up on there too :)

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18-Feb-2018 17:10:43

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You'd be better off training Slayer or Hunter or fighting regular monsters or bosses for GP, and maybe learning to flip items on the GE, and do dailies like mining red sandstone and making flasks, farming, etc. Having a steady GP income from playing beats any drop party for gaining wealth. Hi.

26-Mar-2018 03:54:52

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