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Yep, you heard us right: we’re teaming up with our friends over at Special Effect again for GameBlast18, and this year it’s going to be bigger than ever!

You’ll be able to tune into our Twitch channel from 12:00 UTC (game time) on 23rd February to watch a bevy of Mods (and some special guests) battle their way through a mighty 24-hour GameBlast live stream. As is customary, we’ll be chucking a few special events, competitions, and crazy challenges in as well to make sure we’re all awake.

There will be plenty of ways you can donate and get involved in all the action. PLUS, it wouldn’t be GameBlast without a Double XP Weekend, would it? Of course not! From 12:00 UTC on 23rd February until 12:00 UTC on 26th February you can level-up at double the speed. Now’s the time to start preparing. What’s your next 99?

Time to get our heads in the game, score those gainz and raise some money for an awesome charity. See you there!

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Will there be an item or outfit that we can buy in-game to help support?

I know in the past we've had various things (outfit, tunic, balloon, cape, necklaces etc)
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Will there be a GameBlast18 item/override we can buy on Solomon's (like previous GameBlasts), where the money goes to charity?
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1st time on 1st page. O_o

I'd like to thank Be He Sly for all her support, my parents, dog...grass. its a good feeling.

Right. now thats over, double XP hype!
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