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Hello I am owner of '2flingfish' fc (my alt act) and I would like to start hosting fish flingers events for pmods once a month in said fc.

The first scheduled even is:
Friday April 27th at 12:30pm game time.
meet at catherby by the fisherman.
it will be hosted in the fc '2flingfish'
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16-Apr-2018 02:38:11

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Hi guys! Love this yearly event! Can we use Pauline in livid farms as our mascot for this? she always need encouragement!!! :)
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Greetings all :)

Well i'm new to the team @Pink skirts, and im enjoying the events you guys are doing, big thanks to everyone who is hosting.

Hosting events always been a big part of me , i used to host a few events in the past throwback in the 2006 etc, but sadly i could not find any more team host events lately, but now here we go.

I'm intersted to host Events like minigames & Social & Special Events so we can chat and talk about runefest and lovely stuffs to do, and maybe we can Recruit the team even more so people can notice it.

I'm afraid , but I'm not sure who can help me hosting it ( A trusted player by the team) but im Lookin forward to host a event , i would not mind

Time + Location will be updated laters by the pink team if they Accepted me.
i would be proud to be one of the team , im lookin forward to be a hoster in the future.

Special Thanks to Stevie20058, for helping me posting here ;)

Cheers & Thanks for having me.
Popy. :)
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Greetings Team,

Is there a way to join/assist the team?
I want to share my free time with others, like getting more involved with other players in PvMing,Skilling even minigames.

I'm enjoying the events so hard! I'm at the Q&A in Varrock atm
thanks to Saphhirra, Steve20058 and Lynxlynx for hosting it =)

Thank you.
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04-Jun-2018 21:18:34

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