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Green Man511

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Hello! We did gather some people and made a Un-offical mining world for social mining! Mining gets really boring in the long run, so why not have a nice group to chat with while you mine? :D If you are interested in this, please come to our friends chat: "World5Mining" For more information! This world is also very good for living rock caverns! Reason below.

As im sure you know if you've been in the living rock cavern on world 84, it often occurs at the concentrated gold stones, the gold is not there, the reason for this is mostly because people isnt good enough to stand at one stone and mine as a "pack" and if that happens, both rocks will be out of gold, and you'll have to wait quite some time for it to respawn, but in this FC we try our prevent that from happening, but of course, the stones sometimes collapses by itself, but thats not very often. its mostly because of players doesent co-operate.

27-May-2015 07:43:46

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